Thursday, March 20, 2008

Monty Python sketch:


TV Announcer:
That was episode two of "The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots", adapted radio by Bernard Hollowood and Brian London. And now, Radio 4 will explode.

(The radio explodes
Two old women are sitting on the couch listening to the radio when it explodes. One looks at the other.)

First Old Women (Graham Chapman):We'll have to watch the telly then.

Second Old Women (John Cleese):Yes.

First Old Women:Well, what's on the television then?

Second Old Women: It looks like a penguin.
(On the TV set there is indeed a penguin. It sits contentedly looking at them in a stuffed sort of way. There is nothing on the screen.)

First Old Women:No, no, no, I didn't mean what was on the television set, I meant what programme?

Second Old Women:Oh.

(The Second Old Women goes to the TV, switches it on and returns to her chair. The set takes a long time to warm up and produce a picture. During this pause the following conversation takes place.)

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