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Word of the Week: February 8 - 14: spanish

Word of the Week: February 8 - 14


Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

spanish a
1 A grade or \'cull\' of dried and salted cod-fish prepared for the markets of Spain and Portugal; clipped form of spanish fish. Cp MERCHANTABLE.T 43-64 Our fish used to go to Spain, an\' Portugal and the West Indies. Now Spanish was number one.

1971 NOSEWORTHY 246 ~ Highest grade of fish.

2 Comb spanish cure: see sense 1; CURE.P 243-58 Spanish cure is a variety of dried, salted cod-fish.spanish fish: lightly salted, dried cod-fish of the highest quality or\'cure.\' Cp SHORE1: ~ FISH.

1928 FPU (Twillingate) Minutes 5 Oct [He] spoke about the price of fish and that shore fish was $8 and Spanish fish $9.

1937 Seafisheries of Nfld 47-8 Shore fish of the grade suitable for Spain, known as Spanish Fish... Spanish fish must be extra thick, of an amber colour, with an even surface, thoroughly clean on both back and face, without showing salt, and only [seven-eighths] dry. T 192/3-65 The ones that didn\'t show the salt—that\'s number one—kind of a yellow cast; that\'s the Spanish fish.

1965 Evening Telegram 5 Nov, p. 6 Good Spanish shore fish will never be low in price again.spanish room: in place-names, a tract of land on the water-front of a cove or harbour from which the fishery was prosecuted by Spaniards; ROOM.

1837 BLUNT 43 On the eastern side, at about three miles from the entrance [to Mortier Bay] is an exceedingly good harbor, called Spanish Room.

1951 Nfld & Lab Pilot i, 117 Spanish Room is situated on the eastern side of a peninsula the south-western extremity of which, known as Spanish Room point, lies about one mile northward... A small town stands on its shores.

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