Friday, May 1, 2009

Word of the Week: April 26 - April 30: cambriola


Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

cambriola n also cambrioll. Short-lived name in the seventeenth century for the southern part of the Avalon Peninsula.

[1620] 1626 [VAUGHAN] The Golden Fleece [map facing sig. a 1] Cambriola. 1626 ibid [a 1] Cambrioll Colchos, out of the Southermost Part of the Iland, commonly called the Newfoundland.

1842 BONNYCASTLE i, 74 [Vaughan's] settlement was called Cambriol, and was on that part of the south coast, now named Little Britain, and was expressly planned on such a scale as to make agricultural pursuits and the fishery mutually depend upon each other.

1971 SEARY 61 Names first recorded by Mason [include] Cambriola—Little Wales or Little Britain, as that part of the south coast of the Peninsula was known ... as late as 1842.

Now, we invite you to RELiVE, REMEMBER and REFRESH iT and/or even REDEFiNE iT!

The main thing is to RELiSH iT.

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