Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Firk sighting: Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary has four suggested contemporary urban meanings for our word of the week: "firk"

Acronym describing somoene as Funny Intelligent Responsible/Respectful and Kind
"You know what kind of boyfriend you need, a FIRK!!!"
firrk funny intelligent responsible respectful kind

2. firk
not smart, useless, not appropriate.
That kid's a firk, you're a firk.
dumb stupid smart inappropriate jerk

3. firk
A word that means the same as 'expel' in schools or universities.
The school firked him for doing drugs.

4. firk
Polite variation used in place of fuck. Used around older relatives and in the workplace.
Sally, go tell Peterman he firked that logistics report all up! I need it done again, pronto!


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