Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6 - July 13 Word of the Week: firk

July 6 - July 13 Word of the Week


Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

firk v OED ~ 3 b obs for sense 1; EDD ~ 1, 'move in a jerking manner; to scratch.'

1 To move about quickly, aimlessly.

1937 DEVINE 21 ~ to bustle about. 'What's the old man firkin' about there?' P 245-57 Firking around—pottering about.

2 Esp of fowl and other birds, to scratch, dig, stir up (something). P 148-63 To cool off in the grass: 'The hens are firkin.'

P 10-64 Get the besom and firk the dirt.

M 68-22 We made our false faces and firked out all the old clothes we could find for mummering.

C 70-21 If someone is nosy or is known to be always poking in where's he's not wanted he is said to 'be firking around.'

C 71-16 He came upon a big flock of crows ferkin' in the dust.

Now, we invite u to RELiVE, REMEMBER and REFRESH iT and/or even REDEFiNE iT!

The main thing is to RELiSH iT.

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