Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winning Entry to Recipe Redux from Lesley Davis

My ancestors arrived in Greenspond, Pool's Island and Pinchard's Islandin the 1790s.

Although I knew my grandparents were born in NL, our family lived in Toronto. Until 2006, when I began doing my family history, I didn'tknow that I had relatives in Newfoundland.

My husband, Richard and I spent 3 weeks here in 2006. By happenstance,we found, not only relatives but property! We have spent two full summersin our cottage in Greenspond with our cocker spaniel, Billy. Now it iswith heavy hearts that we are preparing to leave our "newfound" relatives and friends.

In Ontario, we sometimes find puffballs, the size of dinner plates, in the woods. We fry them in butter and have a good feed! What a surprise tofind that my relatives in Newfoundland have been doing the same thing!

Recipes for our "hungered" Newfoudland friends:

Bring a "light" of wood in for the fire.

Put on a "priny" and go to the "kitchen place"


Pea soup floating with "bang bellies".
Make bang bellies with flour, fat, molasses some hot water and a "joog"of salt.
Float on soup to cook.



Soak salt fish overnight in water and drain.
"Hotten bake pot" on "kettlestick" over fire.
Add lightly floured fish and fry until browned on both sides.

Serve with "rumpers" "tatties" and a "Joanie" (bread dough cooked onstove top lid) and..."Smokey Jacks aka Horse Farts" or Puff Balls.
In a "bake pot" "hunk" some salt fat and "hotten" over "ampering"fire.
"Hunk" the "horse farts" and add to the "bake pot"
Stir with a "fark" until golden.
May add a "joog" of butter and some chopped onions.


"Bang Belly Pudding (if it falls it's called a "slam bang"!)" aka"Joanie" or "Hurty""Squat" blueberries or partridge berries, add flour, baking powder, sugar,molasses (seal fat optional!) hot water and a "joog" of salt.Drop "poon"fulls into hot water until cooked.


Take fresh water from "staneen"Heat water in a bibby, tin kettle, hurry up or slut over an open fireof "blasty boughs" on a "kettle stick".
Add tea. sugar and milk.
This is dfinitely not "bare-legged tea"OR"Squatum or HurtWine"Home brewed wine from the juice of "squatted" berries and lots of sugar.

"Scoff it up or "guttle" it up, if you're really hungery!



Submitted by Lesley Davis to our Recipe Redux Contest and selected as a part of our alternative Thanksgiving Dinner Menu.

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