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Word of the Week Nov 16 - 22: hare's-ears, hazures

Word of the Week Nov 16 - 22

hare's-ears, hazures

Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

hare's-ears, hazures: a pair of pointed rocks protruding above the surface of the water; twin peaks (of a hill).

[1773] 1971 SEARY 224 Two rocks, known as Hare's Ears, 40 feet high, lie close eastward of [Branch] head.

1909 Nfld Qtly Mar, p. 3 Now at our Ferryland, we have an excellent specimen of a Forillon, in the well known rock called The Hazures.

1951 Nfld & Lab Pilot i, 159 Two smaller peaks, about 350 feet high, in the southern part of the island are known as Hare's ears. Q 67-84 Hasures [is the name given to] a rock split in the middle looking like hare's ears.

1971 SEARY 87 Hare's Ears ... is a descriptive which occurs in at least seven localities in Newfoundland to describe two steep, adjacent, pinnacle-like rocks, standing offshore.

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