Monday, December 1, 2008

The Old Hag: a scientific explanation and Sheryl Crow a victim?!


The Scientific Explanation

The medical establishment is quite aware of this phenomenon, but has a less sensational name than "old hag syndrome" for it. They call it "sleep paralysis" or SP (sometimes ISP for "isolated sleep paralysis").
So what causes it?

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Sheryl Crow Battles The Old Hag

Rock singer Sheryl Crow is a victim of sleep paralysis, as she revealed in a 1996 interview with Rolling Stone magazine. "It's a bizarre and twisted feeling where you feel completely paralyzed. You are sure you are going to die."


Hag was our latest word of the week from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English. Brought to you by Rattling Books.

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Pete said...

The old hag syndrome is not a medical issue as too many people experience the same complex symptoms.
I have first hand experience with the issue and my wife will verify a black shadow above me as i struggled in my sleep to wake.
This condition can be tackled medically as can “voices in the head” but dont patronize your audience with tales of the brain in confusion etc. especially if a credible second person can verify sightings.