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Word of the Week Dec 21-28: racket

Word of the Week Dec 21-28


Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

racket1 n Comb racket bow: the wooden frame of a snowshoe.

[1786] 1792 CARTWRIGHT iii, 150 At two o'clock one of the Canadians came here from Muddy Bay, with a new Mountaineer sled, a pair of rackets, and a pair of racket-bows; being presents [from] captain Gabourit to me.

racket2 n OED ~ sb3 2 b (1745-) for sense 1; DAS 3 for sense 2.

1 A social gathering, party; TIME; freq with defining word kitchen (1924 ENGLAND 319). P 245-66 Kitchen racket [is] an impromptu house-party. P 121-67 We had a kitchen racket last night. M 71-39 They gathered at the homes of more liberal hosts and had what was most likely a very innocent party. These illicit gatherings were called by the more pious parishioners 'kitchen rackets.' . . . The host of the party, or 'racket,' was named and branded as the Devil's Advocate.

2 Habitual activity or occupation, freq with defining word fish, sealing, wood, etc.

1924 ENGLAND 30'T'ings is ahl in a fruz, now,' he added, 'but you'm goin' to like dis racket.' Ibid 262 One who knows how poor their food resources are at home and during the cod fishery can perhaps understand why the 'swilin' racket' attracts so many.

1960 FUDGE 12 March month came on and we fished tub racket. We took two tubs of gear baited and sat one tub at a time, lay on the end and fish until a dory load of Haddock was secured, then go on board. T 141/60-652 They got it renamed since that woods racket was started up there. T 187/9-65 He said 'This swilin' racket is a hell of a hard racket.' T 410-67 That's something is goin'out—the wood racket. Most people use oil now.

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