Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Slob" sighting: George Allan England's Vikings of the Ice

excerpted from the Google Book Search version of George Allan England's "Log of a Tenderfoot on the Great Newfoundland seal hunt," Vikings of the Ice:

The harps cling to land as much as possible, if they can manage to escape heavy ice during the early part of their voyaging. They keep a quarter to half a mile at sea, and are called "inshore" seals; but if any danger or obstacle threatens, they beat away promptly from land. At this stage they are lazy and love to bask. But the ice is always at their heels--their "scutters," rather. On the southern way they hunt and fish, till ousted by the "slob" or new ice.


Vikings of the Ice is due to be published as an unabridged audiobook in 2008 by Rattling Books.

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