Sunday, April 27, 2008

Word of the Week at REDEFiNE iT for April 27 – May 3 : glauvaun

April 27 – May 3 Word of the Week

glauvaun n
also glabaun, glawvawn

Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

glauvaun n also glabaun, glawvawn DINNEEN glámhán 'a murmuring, complaining'; Kilkenny Lexicon glámhán.

Continuous complaining; one who grumbles.

1968 DILLON 140 'Tis the one glawvawn with him all the time. That's all that one is, a glawvawn. C 71-95 A person who is always worrying about something, usually a trivial matter, is a glabaun.

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