Friday, May 16, 2008

"gawmogue" sighting: Irish Parliamentary Debate

Check out this online archive of Irish parliamentary debates:

"The Irish language revival movement has absolutely nothing to fear from such a debate but its absence will contribute to further decline. Many positives relating to the language can be missed, not least the number of Irish words that are used in spoken English. Boreen, sceach, abu, amadan, ciotog, camogie, fado, smithereens and uisce beatha, spring readily to mind. There are many others and, interestingly, many Irish words are used in spoken English in Newfoundland, for example, shebeen, sleaveen, gamogue, tayscaun, galore, piseog. I refer to place names, which are all around us, such as ath, baile, cill, cluain, dun, eaglais, fear, gleann, inis, lios, maigh, moin, paroiste, rath. Not alone do these words enhance our vocabulary but these place names contain much history."

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