Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11 – 17 Word of the Week (Suggested by Kathleen Winter): gawmoge

May 11 – 17 Word of the Week (Suggested by Kathleen Winter):


Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

gawmoge n, usu pl also gamogue, gomogue [phonetics unavailable]. DINNEEN gamóg 'clown, a simpleton'; JOYCE 261 'soft foolish fellow.' A silly, mischievous person; cp GOMMEL; the action or conduct of such a person.
1937 DEVINE 25 Gomogues. Clownish tricks and play. 1964 Evening Telegram 4 June, p. 13 It costs more to catch fish now than in the old days. Remember, they got nylon nets an' everything now. 'That's only the fishermen's gaumogues,' sez Ned. 1968 DILLON 140 She's a real gawmogue, she is; she haven't got the sense she was born with... The gawmogues o' him now'd set you cracked. C 75-139 Look at the gawmoges of him!

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