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"Maid" tangent: Ballads and Sea-Songs of Newfoundland

The term "maid" is a common one in traditional ballads. Here is a list of the ballads appearing in the Ballads and Sea-Songs of Newfoundland published by Harvard University Press

Ballads and Sea-Songs of Newfoundland
Mrs. W. E. Greenleaf
Mrs. Harvey C. Mansfield

ISBN 13:978-0-674-01263-9
ISBN 10:0-674-01263-1

Henry Noble MacCracken

A Note about the Music

Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (Child, No. 4)
Lord Robert (Child, No. 7)
The Twa Sisters (Child, No. 10)
The Bonny Banks of the Virgie, O (Child, No. 14)
The Beggarman (Child, No. 17)
Fair Flowers of Hello (Child, No. 20)
Lord Ateman (Child, No. 53)
Lord Thomas (Child, No. 73)
Lady Margaret (Child, No. 77)
The Unquiet Grave (Child, No. 78)
Gil Morissy (Child, No. 83)
Barbree Ellen (Child, No. 84)
Young Barbour; Or, the Seven Sailor Boys (Child, No 100)
The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington (Child, No. 105)
The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter (Child, No. 110)
The Dark-Clothed Gypsy (Child, No. 200)
Lovely Georgie (Child, No. 209) J
oan and John Blount (Child, No. 275)
The "Golden Vanitie" (Child, No, 286)
The Little Yorkshire Boy
The Highway Robber
Willy Taylor
Polly Oliver
Drowsy Sleeper
The Castaways
Rogers the Miller
Wexford City
The Maiden Who Dwelt by the Shore
The Rose of Britain's Isle
The Green Bushes As I Roved Out
The Blind Beggar
Nancy From London
The Ghostly Lover
The Bold "Princess Royal"
The Dark-Eyed Sailor
Johnson; Or, the Three Riders
Handsome John
The Duke Op Argyle
The First Come in It Was a Rat
The Twelve Apostles
Turkish Men-O'-War
Kelly the Pirate
Bold Wolfe
The Man-Of-War Piece
Short Jacket
Tarpaulin Jacket
Broken-Down Sport
Abram Brown the Sailor
Tarry Sailor
From Liverpool 'cross the Atlantic
Cold Watch
The Boatswain and the Tailor
Thomas and Nancy
Squire Nathaniel and Betsy
Wexford City
Sally Monroe
The Lass That Loved a Sailor
Near to the Isle of Portland
The Mines of Avondale
Maria and Caroline
The Scotch Lassie
The Pretty Fair Maid with a Tail
Willy Vare
Down Where the Tide Was Flowing
Paddy and the Whale
Erin's Isle
Erin's Green Shore
That Dear Old Land
Burke's Dream
The Waterford Boys
The Drunkard's Dream
At the Foot of the Mountain Brow
The Nobleman's Wedding
I Once Loved a Girl in Kilkenny
The Humble Village Maid Going A-Milking
Maurice Kelly
The Plowboy
Soldier Boy
Napoleon's Farewell to Paris
Napoleon the Exile
The Bonny Bunch of Roses
The Plains of Waterloo
The Mantle of Green
Lonely Waterloo
Jennie On the Moor
Riley to Ameriky
Willy Reilly
Mary Neal
The Squire's Young Daughter
Henry Connors
The Bonny Young Irish Boy
Yankee Land
Rich Amerikay
The Lament
The Poor Fisherman's Boy
The Little Soldier's Boy
Lovely Annie
I Was Just Sixteen
Susan Strayed the Briny Beach
The Quay of Dundocken
The Banks of the Dizzy
The Ould Plaid Shawl
The Prentice Boy
Butter and Cheese and All
The Irishman's Shanty
Paddy Backwards
The "Lady Uri"
The Shirt and the Apron
The Gentle Boy
The Freemason's Song
The Spirit Song of George's Bank
The Banks of NewfoundlandSong
About the Fishing Banks
The Maid of Newfoundland
Wadham's Song
The Low-Backed Car
The Crowd of Bold SharemenCome
All Ye Jolly Ice-Hunters
The Sealing Cruise of the "Lone Flier"
Charge Islands Song
Jack Was Ev'ry Inch a Sailor
Lukey's Boat
Greedy Harbour
The Irish Sailor Boy
George's Bank (Sung by D. Endacott)
George's Bank (Sung by M. Walsh)
Jack Hinks
The Ryans and the Pittmans
The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle
The Star of Logy Bay
All Around Green Island Shore
The Outharbor Planter
The Spanish Captain
The Wreck of the Steamship "Ethie"
The "Southern Cross"
The Wreck of the Steamship "Florizel"
The Fishermen of Newfoundland; Or, the Good Ship "Jubilee"
The "Nordfeld" and the "Raleigh"
Tile "Thorwaldsen"
The Bird Rocks
Captain William Jackman, a Newfoundland Hero
The "Greenland" Disaster
The Dog Song
The Cooks of Torbay
The Merchants of Fogo
The Roving Newfoundlanders (Adventure Song)
The Franklin Expedition
Newfoundland and Sebastopol
The Murder of Young Somers
My Dear, I'm Bound For Canady
Cod Liver Oil Song
The Schooner "Mary Ann
Donald Monroe
The Lumber Cai Song
The Badger Drive
Twin Lakes
Harry Dunn
Young Monroe
Peter Hembly
Homeward Bound
Sally Brown
Haul On the Bo'line J
olly Poker
Pretty Jessie of the Railway Bar
Longest Name Song
Laughing Song
Young Charlotte
The "Flying Cloud"
Bold Mccarthy
John Morrissey and the Black
The Three Old Jews
Californian Brothers
Young Jimmy and the Officer
While the Boys in Blue Were Fighting
Florella I'm Lonesome Since My Mother Died
The Fatal Wedding
The Roving Newfoundlanders (Newfoundland Wars)
John Gillam's Song (Without Words)
Women's the Joy and the Pride of the Land

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