Sunday, June 8, 2008

Word of the Week (June 8 - 15) maid

June 8 - 15 Word of the Week

maid n

Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

maid n OED sb1 1, 3 arch exc dial; EDD sb 1, 4 for sense 1.
1 A woman; a young unmarried girl or daughter; freq as term of address; MAIDEN. 1858 [LOWELL] i, 15 I'll carry this bit of a thing to my maid.

1887 Evening Telegram Christmas No 9 [to wife:] Pray for us, maid; we're in God's hands. . . 'I've brought a Christmas Box for 'ee, Bets, my maid,' said her husband.

1907 DUNCAN 150 'Who is this person? Man or woman?' ' Maid,' said Parson Stump.

1933 GREENLEAF xxv So, too. . .'maid' [is used] for girl'—or rather for 'wornan,' as I have heard a grandmother addressed as 'maid.' T 80/2-64 If you get caught up there wi' a maid, 'twas murder! Snowballed an' sodded or whatever time o' the year 'twas! T 194/7-65 An' the little girl want to know if I was goin' [to the] barracks; a little small maid. C 68-5 It is very common in [Bonavista] to hear a person say, 'I met Jack Smith's maid at the store today'; reference is being made either to his wife or his daughter.

1975 COOK 12 He wor jest somebody dying and I wor just a slip of a maid. 2 Attrib, comb maid racket: courting; see RACKET2. T 141/68-652 An' we'd go down practically every night on the maid racket. maid teacher: unmarried female schoolteacher. T 169/206-651 We had two [teachers]; there was always a maid teacher in lower part an' a man teacher in upper part.Supplement:maid n SED iv, 925 'girl' So W Co D Do. 1

1983 FROUDE 212 Supreme they rule oer welling hearts/the maids and wives of newfoundland.

1984 GOUGH 49 'Maud, my maid, what would he want with a place like this? Less he floats it up to Toronto on barrels.'

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