Sunday, June 1, 2008

Word of the Week (June 1-6): vang n also bang

June 1-6 Word of the Week

vang n also bang

Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

vang n also bang. Cp EDD fang sb 7 'slice, a large piece cut from something'; SND fang n2 2 (1750-). Melted fat pork served on cod-fish (1937 DEVINE 35).

[1828] 1979 O'FLAHERTY 58 [What would be the horror] to see [the fishermen] regaling themselves on fish and bang, off the plate of Staffordshire.

1842 JUKES ii, 68 We dined on 'fish and vang,' which being interpreted means cod-fish and salt pork cut into 'junks' and boiled together, and with a mealy potato it is really a most excellent dish.

1914 Cadet 23 The rude fare of 'fish and vang' used by the fishermen was [Bishop Fleming's] diet... The Bishop had the sleeve of his coat well saturated with fish and vang (pork), for when the meal was cooked it was thrown out of the kettle on to the gangboards.

1955 ENGLISH 37 ~ fried salt pork. vang n Also: comb vang-board.

[1835] 1888 HOWLEY 316-7 [Bishop Fleming] [I was] leaning forward on that part of the false deck where the people laid the board for our meals; and even while partaking of their rude fare, as it was flung out of the pot upon the board,--for it usually consisted of pork and fish boiled together, which they call 'fish and vang'... [My sleeve] having been considerably impregnated with the juice of the fishermen's food, imbibed from the 'vang-board,' the entire sleeve, from the elbow, was eaten away by the dogs or the rats.

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