Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rawny tangent: Radio Association of Western New York

Our word of the week (rawny) is sighted in Western New York!
The Radio Association of Western New York, often called RAWNY, was formed in 1917. It is believed to be the second oldest amateur radio group in the United States and is considered to be a general interest club encompassing all aspects of amateur radio.

RAWNY became affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), a national organization of amateur radio operators, in 1920.
Amateur radio activities were ended by government decree when World War II started. Once hostilities ended and the government ban was lifted, amateur radio was reborn. It was then that several hams decided to "give life" again to the Radio Association of Western New York. RAWNY has been active ever since. RAWNY was incorporated with the state of New York in 1955.

It fostered the formation of two-meter activity and financed a group within the club to promote the same. Eventually this group became BARRA (, the Buffalo Amateur Radio Repeater Association, and like RAWNY, one of the five sponsors of what was once HAM-O-RAMA (the WNY ham radio/computer flea market).
At present and since 1980, RAWNY has been engaged in bringing Amateur Radio to the public through many demonstrations at the Buffalo Naval and Servicemen's Park. Our group has set up many special event stations including field day aboard the U.S.S. Little Rock, where the public can view Amateur Radio in operation. The station is a memorial to the late Clara Reger, W2RUF.
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