Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"tickle" sighting: Black Tickle, Labrador

(N.B. This week's word of the week is "Tickle")

The Community of Black Tickle is located on the Island of Ponds in a cove called Salmon Bight. On the other side of the Bight is the Community of Domino. Both Communties share resources such a medical, schooling and airport. Today the community is still dependent upon the fishery as its primary source of employment, but instead of cod, the current resource is snow crab. These two communities have no road connection to the outside and are therefore dependent upon coastal boats during the summer and year round air servcie.

History: The community of Black Tickle was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by a group of British seamen who had jumped ship. In 1865 Captin Hood reported on the population and fishing catches from Battle Harbour to Red Island in Labrador and on of largest establishments of that time was Black Tickle.

Population: 229

Surnames: Dyson, Holwell, Hudson, Keefe, Lane, Morris, Neville, Parsons, Roberts, and Turnbull. To learn more about the town of Black Tickle visit them here.


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