Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"tickle" sighting: The Tickle Inn at Cape Onion, Newfoundland

The Tickle Inn at Cape Onion is a typical old Newfoundland outport home that has been designated a Registered Heritage Structure. It has been attractively restored to near it's original state by David, a fourth generation member of the original Adams family. The ocean is "at the doorstep" in Cape Onion, a picturesque cove at the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. This bed & breakfast is surrounded by 9 acres of incredibly beautiful meadows and hills that provide great opportunities for beachcombing, hiking or taking leisurely strolls through the meadows.

Cape Onion is an ideal base for day trips to L"anse aux Meadows to experience Viking history and to St. Anthony to learn more about the amazing humanitarian work of the medical missionary, Dr. Wilfred Grenfell. Be sure to also plan time to see other highlights of the area including a boat trip to experience the northern waters and marine attractions (whales, icebergs); a trip to Burnt Cape botanical ecological reserve; drives through picturesque rural communities; visits to craft and carving shops, and hikes and walks on spectacular scenic trails. To find out more about the Tickle Inn or plan a stay there visit them here.


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