Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recipes from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English: Fisherman's Brewis

Until we announce the winner of our Recipe Redux Contest we'll be posting some recipes found in the Dictionary of Newfoundland English to inspire you. Here's the first one, reproduced as found in the online Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

(cartoon by Jennifer Barrett)

fisherman's brewis: cod-fish cooked with hard tack or sea biscuit and pork fat. See also BREWIS, FISH AND BREWIS.

T 80/2-64 He keeps up the old tradition. Every Sunday morning—fisherman's brewis, just as regular as the mornin's comes.

P 9-73 A recipe for fisherman's brewis, schooner-style, for five or six hungry men: two cakes of hard bread per man, two plump codfish with head off and entrails removed, one piece of fatback pork.

1978 Evening Telegram 7 Aug, p. 4 [He] promises [visitors to Bonavista] a parade, races and feeds of fisherman's brewis.

1979 TIZZARD 278 In the boat sometimes my father carried a cooking pot and a frying pan, and with that a piece of fat back pork in the bread box. This meant that he could have fish and brewis or fisherman's brewis, whichever was preferable... The pork would be fried out in the frying pan. When the codfish was cooked the brewis and pork fat would all be thrown in the pot together and mashed up, thus making fisherman's brewis.


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