Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sept 7 - 13 Word of the Week: rattling

Sept 7 - 13 Word of the Week: rattling

Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

rattling ppl See also RATTLE1 . Of a river or stream, noisy, clattering, swift.
[1783] 1792 CARTWRIGHT iii, 15 We rowed along [the lake] for a mile and an half, when we arrived at the mouth of a strong, rattling brook. [1811] 1818 BUCHAN 5 [It lay a] mile above the rattling Brook. 1842 JUKES ii, 136 We soon reached the mouth of the Great Rattling Brook, a considerable stream coming down from the north. 1953 Nfld & Lab Pilot ii, 294 Rattling brook descends in a waterfall into Corner Brook cove.

rattling ppl
[1768] 1989 Nfld Qtly lxxxv (1), 21 Great Rattling Brook. 1983 Gazetteer of Canada: Nfld 142-3 Rattling Brook [etc, high frequency in river names]. 1984 POWELL 101 Soon I was heading up the Big Lake, about four miles long, and then I had to go down a very rattling brook about one mile where the water emptied into the river.

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