Friday, September 12, 2008

Recipes from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English: Hamburg Bread or Hard Bread

Until we announce the winner of our Recipe Redux Contest we'll be posting some recipes and references to recipes found in the Dictionary of Newfoundland English to inspire you. Here's one reproduced as found in the online Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

(cartoon by Jennifer Barrett)

hamburg bread: hard thick biscuit; HARD BREAD.

1852 Morning Post 12 Feb, p. 4 800 bags No. 1, 2, and 3, Hambro' Bread.
[1879] 1898 Nfld Law Reports 185 [The plaintiff] being dissatisfied with the quality of the machine-made biscuit of Newfoundland, as compared with that imported from Hamburg, he introduced into his establishment a process known amongst bakers as hand rolling ... and a biscuit is thus produced which ... in the words of one of the witnesses, has driven Hamburg bread out of the market.

1906 LUMSDEN 68 'Hamburg bread,' or hard biscuit (not to be confounded with pilot or sailor biscuit as popularly known, being thick and cake-like in shape and extraordinarily hard), is in constant use on the vessels and in the houses of the fishermen.

1936 DEVINE 92 He laid his plans to get the formula or recipe for making Hamburg bread and succeeded [in making hard bread].

1964 BLONDAHL (ed) 97 "Red Cap's Hole": When they came to dine at dinner-time, / Some joyful words were said... / Of days of yore when the pots boiled o'er, / With brewis from hamburg's made.


Rattling Books is running a recipe contest inspired by the Dictionary of Newfoundland English. We call it Recipe Redux, aka Not Much Meat on a Carey Chick, Recipe Contest. Deadline for Entry submissions is October 1.
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