Sunday, February 17, 2008

Word of the Week (Feb 17-23): empter

Word of the Week (Feb 17-23)

This week’s word of the week was suggested by Kathleen Winter, a regular contributor to REDEFiNE iT and one of the winners of our New Year's Resolution Contest.


empter* n also emper*. See EMPT. A container used during berry-picking, emptied frequently into a larger container near the pickers. P 128-56 Have you got your empter full yet? P 140-70 Emper. Small tin or dipper used to fill a larger one. M 70-21 Each berry picker also had a smaller container, a quart can, saucepan, perhaps even a gallon can. As this 'emptier' or'emper' as we called it was filled, its contents were transferred to the buckets till these were filled to the brim.

Now, we invite u to RELiVE, REMEMBER and REFRESH iT and/or even REDEFiNE iT!

The main thing is to RELISH iT. N.B.

Any Word of the Week receiving more than 10 posts will trigger a prize from Rattling Books for our favourite.

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