Thursday, February 28, 2008

gommil sighting: Brooklyn's Wedding: A "Gargoyles" Fan Fiction Story by Dylan P. Blacquiere

Brooklyn's Wedding
A "Gargoyles" Fan Fiction Story
by Dylan P. Blacquiere

an excerpt:

Kenny Ogden came in first, his expression happy and kind, looking nothing like he had just been forced to deal with the kid who had knocked over the baptismal font in the back of the church. He was followed by the groom, Robbie Hynes, and Carbonear noticed that he couldn't help but look nervous still. "I sees June!" Bonavista hissed.

"Yeah, well, don't be after callin' out to her, ye friggin' gommil."

Whitbourne frowned, watching the proceedings intently. As the organist played "Here Come The Bride", the ringbearer and flower girl proceeded up the aisle, followed by the best man and maid of honour and the ushers escorting the bridesmaids. "There's Jason." Carbonear announced as he strode up the aisle with a bridesmaid on his arm.

"Who's that piece he's got with him?" Whitbourne asked.

"Melanie Miller, I guesses." Woodstock shrugged.

"So where's Judy to?" Whitbourne whispered on, full of beans. His tail was flicking back and forth agitatedly as he peered to see the goings on.

"Here she comes!" Carbonear stated, watching as the bride finally entered.

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