Sunday, February 10, 2008

Word of the Week (Feb 10-16): faffering

Word of the Week (Feb 10-16):

This week’s word of the week comes from Alison Dyer, a regular contributor to REDEFiNE iT on facebook.


faffering v ppl also farferin'*. Cp EDD faff v 1 'to blow in sudden gusts'; SMYTH faff 'to blow in flaws.' Of the wind, blowing with cold, chilly gusts (P 95-55). P 127-76 Boy, 'tis farferin' today.

Now, we invite u to REDEFiNE iT! Or just RELiVE, REMEMBER or RENEW iT. The main thing is to RELISH iT. REFRESH iT!

N.B. Any Word of the Week receiving more than 10 posts will trigger a prize from Rattling Books for our favourite.

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